(:server-ish things)


This is really just a script to make working with lots of tmux sessions nicer. It provides categorization, an admittedly impractical display of the categorized sessions, and a single command for moving to a session regardless of context. session foo bar will take you to the foo/bar session whether it can jump to it directly, has to leave a current session, or create the destination first.


This has been an experiment in making a "VM" (read: that thing you're not supposed to do with Docker containers) provisioning system for my lab server. It allows you to spin up guest instances for users with very little effort.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend using it, but it was a lot of fun exploring secure ways for guest instances to manage themselves (container restarts, snapshot creation/rollback) in a secure fashion.

The full system isn't currently visible in the repo, unfortunately. The guestctl-meta script is what allows guest instances to manage themselves. This is managed by giving restricted ssh access to the host which forces calls to that script.

(:lispy things)

Check back soon, I'm cleaning up my lisp shenanigans to make them public.

(:other things)


Most of my friends work in the security field. It's embarrassing when we forget basic things like locking our devices when we get up. Originally, we just set a dolphin wallpaper and called it a day, but the state of the art has since advanced. curl -sSL sh.sudolph.in | sh is all you need to remind somebody not to leave things unlocked. If you're really not messing around, you can use the second slot on a Yubikey or something similar for minimal effort dolphining.